Question: How rock n Play babies die?

On April 5, 2019, Fisher-Price and the CPSC issued a joint public announcement. It was another alert, this one warning that 10 infants 3 months or older had died in the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper since 2015 after they “rolled from their back to their stomach or side, while unrestrained.”

How many babies have died in a rock n play?

In about the last eight years, 32 babies have died while sleeping in Rock ‘n Plays – most because they couldn’t breathe after rolling over while they weren’t buckled in. Alexis Dubief is a baby sleep consultant and runs a Facebook group called Precious Little Sleep.

How did babies die in Fisher-Price rocker?

Infants who are placed unrestrained on their backs in the soothing rockers are at risk of suffocation if they end up on their stomachs, the CPSC said. The deaths were of a 4-month-old child in Missouri, 2-month-old from Nevada, 2-month-old from Michigan and 11-week-old baby form Colorado.

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Is it safe for baby to sleep in rock n play?

Serious infant injuries like plagiocephaly (flat head) and torticollis (twisted neck) have been connected to the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play inclined baby sleeper and other infant sleepers, but Johnson says those conditions are not unique to any particular baby item and can be prevented.

Why can’t babies sleep in rock and play?

Fisher-Price’s decision followed an investigation by Consumer Reports’ Rachel Rabkin Peachman that linked the Rock ‘n Play to at least thirty-two infant deaths since 2011, and a subsequent statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics calling the Rock ‘n Play “deadly.” Its incline and plush fabric violate modern safe …

What can I use instead of a rock n play?

But the six products below come close.

  • Dream on Me Traveler Portable Bassinet. Amazon. …
  • Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Bassinet. Amazon. …
  • Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper. Amazon. …
  • Guava Lotus Travel Crib. Babies should only put to sleep on their backs on a flat surface with a fitted sheet. …
  • Graco Travel Lite Crib. …
  • SNOO Smart Sleeper.


Why did babies die in rock and play?

The agency knew of at least 32 deaths by the time Fisher-Price pulled the product from the market in April — sparking outrage over both the delayed reaction by regulators and the loss of a product that many parents said actually got their babies to sleep.

What is the single most significant risk factor for SIDS?

Stomach sleeping – This is probably the most significant risk factor, and sleeping on the stomach is associated with a higher incidence of SIDS.

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Can babies sleep at an incline?

The AAP does not recommend letting infants sleep in inclined products like the Rock ‘n Play that require restraining a baby. AAP policy calls for infants to sleep on their back, on a separate, flat and firm sleep surface without any bumpers, bedding or stuffed toys.

Can an 8 month old sleep in a pack n play?

For the most part, a pack ‘n play comes ready-made as a safe sleeping place for your baby. You likely don’t need to make any adjustments to turn it into a safe environment, since it already is one. “As long as it meets the latest consumer product safety ratings, I’m OK with it [for sleep],” says Dr. Kramer.

Is it safe to use rock n play?

In a joint statement with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Fisher Price issued a warning: parents should stop using the Rock ‘n Play after babies turned 3 months.

Can you still use rock n play?

Despite Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play recall, parents say they’ll continue to use the sleeper. Earlier this month, Fisher-Price recalled nearly 5 million of its Rock ‘n Play Sleepers. … Despite the recall, parents in Facebook groups are still supporting the product and say they’ll continue to use it.

How long can a baby use a rock n play?

After being confronted by Consumer Reports about the infant deaths, CPSC and Fisher-Price issued a warning that parents should stop using the Rock ‘n Play with babies older than 3 months, as well as with babies who can start rolling over.

What is the best bassinet for a baby?

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: HALO Bassinet Premiere Series Swivel Sleeper at Amazon. …
  • Best Budget: Dream on Me Karley Bassinet at Amazon. …
  • Best Splurge: SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet at Amazon. …
  • Best Compact: Fisher-Price Stow ‘N Go Bassinet at Amazon. …
  • Best for Soothing: 4moms mamaRoo at Amazon.
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What do you do if baby won’t sleep in bassinet?

Remove pillows, blankets, toys, and crib bumpers from your baby’s sleep area. Make sure that your baby’s bassinet or crib has a firm mattress with a well-fitting crib sheet. When your child is ready (typically around 4 weeks if you’re breastfeeding), offer a pacifier as they fall asleep.

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